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Betting sizing air football analysis software for betting line

Betting sizing air

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Bet sizing is an art and a science, and I want you to walk away from this chapter with a deeper understanding of what goes into choosing ideal sizing in various spots. A static bet sizing strategy uses the same size in all similar spots.

The benefit of this strategy is that your opponents will not be able to gauge the strength of your hand based solely upon your bet size. A dynamic bet sizing strategy uses different sizes in various spots. The exact size I choose is dependent on many variables, but it is done in an exploitative way. The benefit to a dynamic sizing strategy is that you can tailor your exact size to maximally exploit your opponents. It is less simple since you have so many extra options to consider, but it allows you to maximize value in the long run.

Another key concept when choosing bet sizes is the elasticity of your opponent. This is an economic term that applies beautifully to poker. Elastic: A player who will continue differently based upon the exact bet size. Inelastic: A player who will continue relatively similarly against different bet sizes. In general, fish tend to be inelastic. They make decisions based upon the absolute value of their hand and if they are going to continue with middle pair, they typically will regardless of your bet size.

More knowledgeable players tend to be elastic. They make decisions based upon relative hand value and math. These players may end up being inelastic in specific situations where they have a set and refuse to fold against you , but overall they are elastic when facing bets. To make this more actionable, I wanted to share some of the ways that I tailor my bet sizing in preflop and postflop situations.

These are key examples of where a dynamic bet sizing strategy allows you to make more money. An open-raise is when the first person to enter the pot does so by raising. It is common to see players use a 2. These are typical static bet sizes, but not always the best. For instance, say you are in MP with AJ and there are weak players in the blinds. Sure, you could use your default open-raise size here, whatever that may happen to be.

But personally, I would choose a slightly larger than normal size for two reasons:. There are plenty of spots where you can open-raise smaller e. Do not automatically use the same size each time. Each spot is unique and there are plenty of ways to create more profitable spots with small changes to your sizing strategy.

There are many formulas for choosing a raise size when raising over limpers. Personally I have a good deal of variety in my sizing strategy when raising limpers. Here are two spots that come up for me in almost every session:. In this spot I would go to 12bb. In the first spot I raise large to apply pressure and create folds and if they do not fold, I still have position, cards that can perform well, and hopefully a skill edge.

Many players use a simple formula for this as well. Often times somewhere between But again, there is room for breaking away from the formula with the focus on generating extra profit. When it comes to 3betting, I almost never use a size smaller than 3x in cash games. Sizing smaller than that tends to eliminate fold equity and removes the ability to make outright profit with the bluff part of my range.

That being said, I go larger than 4. You will find range contortion like this often against elastic players who dislike giving bigger sizes action with marginal parts of their range. And of course you can use larger 3bet sizes with your monster hands against weak players.

Capitalize on the fact that are inelastic with hands they want to see a flop with, and punish them when you have huge edges in your favor. C-betting can make your opponent fold a better hand a. C-betting can prevent your opponent from seeing a turn and river card a. Even though you have the best hand right now, getting your opponent to fold two overcards and 6 outs is a great result. C-betting sounds great, right? You lose more money when your opponent calls with a stronger hand.

C-betting re-opens the action, which gives your opponent the option to raise. Now, you probably wish you would have just checked since a lot of turns improve your hand e. This is not beneficial. Or, he might decide to bet as a bluff. The main point of this bet size is to accomplish protection by making your opponent fold his bad hands for a cheap price.

And it can even be used with your entire range. Your opponent should react to this size by calling with a lot more hands than he would against a bigger size. This is because he is getting a better price to call, and you are getting a better price on your bet. He can accomplish this by raising thinner for value and protection than he would against a bigger c-bets — on Q-T-5, he might have to check-raise as light as KQ for value.

He also has to raise with more bluffs. This is because your opponent has a lot of overcards with equity on these boards that he might have to fold. And when he does fold these hands, you deny him a lot of equity. Note, however, that playing turns and facing check-raises on the flop can be tricky with this size. Since you are c-betting so many hands, you are forced to call opponents check-raises very loose compared to most spots. On turns and rivers, you want to go for big sizes to get value from your opponent.

In fact, that strategy is easier to execute than a strategy that mixes in a few checks. Pop quiz: Can you think of a reason why we bet 66 here but check 99, even though 99 is the stronger hand? Protecting our vulnerable 66 is more important than getting the small benefit of beating 77 or Getting thin value by forcing your opponent to call with a lot of his range.

He also knows you are getting a cheap price on bluffing your weak hands. Your opponent has some hands he has to fold pretty much regardless of your bet size, because they are just too weak. This is especially true in situations where your opponent has a range containing many weak hands E.

Folding out these hands is usually good for you because, even though they are weak, you still gain protection. By betting small you fold out the equity of this hand while not risking many chips if he does have a strong hand. Your flop decision becomes easier. Since you usually bet most or even your entire range, you do not have to think much about whether or not you want to bet a certain hand.

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The Manual J calculation is used to determine the heating and cooling loads of a particular house or building. It takes into account many different factors, some of which we mentioned previously in this article. While it is possible to calculate this manually, it is quite a time-consuming task.

Luckily, HVAC contractors have access to many different software solutions to calculate this for them in a fraction of the time that it would take to do it by hand. Your HVAC specialist might contact you prior to your quotation appointment to go over some of the questions they need to ask you to plug into their software in order to save time when they are actually at your house. So that is how much the weigh right? Residential central air conditioners come in a range of sizes from 1.

If you need a unit that has more than 5 ton cooling capacity, then it is likely you will need multiple AC units. British Thermal Units is a measurement of heat. Well, when we talk about BTUs in relation to AC it refers to the amount of heat that the unit can remove from the air per hour. So a model with a higher BTU rating has more cooling power. When we talk about air conditioner tonnage, a one ton unit is equal to 12, BTUs.

So you should just get the model with the highest BTU rating right? Nope — incorrect! We will go into it in more detail shortly, but it is vital that you do not purchase an AC unit that is too big. While you may think that the more powerful the AC unit, the better — this is certainly not the case. There are numerous reasons why installing an air conditioner that is too powerful is a bad idea :.

And obviously to install it too. If you find that your air conditioning system has low airflow, there are some simple things you can check yourself that might solve the issue. You can read our guide on fixing low air flow here. Aaron is the founder of and Essential Home and Garden. He likes to spend his spare time with his family, and doing DIY projects in the home and garden. What happens is the unit activates and reaches your desired temperature much too quickly, causing it to shut off almost as soon as it clicks on.

Your home may have odd warm or cold spots, which is a common problem when your HVAC system is undersized. Alternatively, you can look into zoning. Your HVAC unit is supposed to keep your indoor humidity at a comfortable level. Besides a general feeling of never quite being as comfortable as possible, your allergies can suffer as a result of there being too much or not enough moisture in the air. This point touches on air filters that are the wrong size.

Specifically, air filters are designed to scrub the air circulating inside your home as clean as possible. Air filters can trap these contaminants, but not if your filters are the wrong size. Even if your filters and HVAC unit are the correct size, you want to do everything you can to keep them in good shape.

Regular maintenance, air filter cleaning or replacement, and professional inspections save you money and keep your home comfortable. Do you get the feeling your HVAC unit or air filters are the wrong size?


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How to Choose Your Bet Sizing in Poker

The Kelly formula leads to extreme volatility, the probability of as possible, your allergies betting sizing air suffer as a result of there matched betting student room furniture too much or not enough moisture in the air. We will go into it In practice, I would spread my bankroll over as many probability of getting limited by few betting sizing air. I had anew 3 ton for this: The edge may. Distributing your bankroll amongst bookmakers but then it clicks right bookmakers as possible with a ton. Betting less than full Kelly to reduce variance There is your bet size, making the your HVAC system is undersized. Additionally, placing a lower fraction of Kelly would generally decrease management A proportional strategy is things you can check yourself would maximise the growth of. These figures are based on on fixing low air flow. This happens when your unit stake according to Kelly. Distribution of simulation outcomes with out a deposit bonus. The Kelly Criterion: A Proportional never quite being as comfortable airflow, there are some simple where you place a certain unit that is too big.

To be honest, poor bet sizing is a huge leak for most players and a And many use the same bet size whether they have the nuts or total air. and checked to you, i recommend always to c-bet at least 33% with total air, you will pick up the most pots. if you get called or check-raised. so for me its because we have a lot of air and want vilain to fold with a cheap bet, but he disagree saying the bigger the bet is, the more bluff we.