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Horse betting strategy beginner wheel key betting line on super bowl 45 full

Horse betting strategy beginner wheel key

Handicappers who know how to properly structure their Trifecta wagers based on probability and profit. There are four different methods of betting the Trifecta: straight Trifecta betting, Trifecta wheels, Trifecta key part wheels, and Trifecta boxes. The latter Trifecta wagering strategy, Trifecta boxes, is the most inefficient yet most popular method of betting the Trifecta, and the main reason for large inefficiencies in the Trifecta wagering pools.

The simplest and most overused method of Trifecta betting, Trifecta boxes allow you to play multiple Trifecta combinations on a single ticket. Trifecta boxes can include as many horses as are in a race. You can box the whole field and play every possible Trifecta combination in a race if you like, although this would be an extremely inefficient method of Trifecta betting and would almost guarantee a loss over time. To calculate the cost of a Trifecta box, multiply the number of horses you would like to box by that number of horses minus one and by that number minus two, and then multiply it by your bet amount.

Preferred by most bettors due to their simplicity, Trifecta boxes are the most inefficient method of betting Trifectas. They do, however, require very little mental work while also offering a chance at cashing a ticket with a good payoff. The problem is that all combinations in any given Trifecta box do not have an equal chance of winning.

This leaves a ton of wasted money in the Trifecta betting pools that are there to be had by smart handicappers who structure their bets properly based on probabilities. Based on your handicapping, the probability of the order of finish being , , is higher than the probability of the order of finish being , , Would it not be more efficient to bet more on the Trifecta combinations that have a higher probability of winning and less on the combinations that have a lower probability of winning?

Slightly more efficient than Trifecta box betting, Trifecta wheel betting does have its place and can be lucrative on occasions when you believe one or more of the favorites can finish out of the money. A Trifecta wheel allows you to play a horse in one position in combination with all the other horses in the field to finish in the remaining two positions.

To calculate the cost of wheeling one horse in one position first, second or third with the remainder of the field to finish in the other two positions, multiply the number of horses in the field minus 1 by the number of horses in the field minus two, and multiply that number by the denomination of your bet.

For example:. Below follows the cost of wheeling one horse in one position with ALL remaining horses in the other two positions, based on field size:. This is especially true with large Trifecta wheels. It is best to play full wheels only when you like a horse who is not the favorite to win, while also having a strong opinion that the first and second favorites will finish out of the money.

But there is an even better way to use wheeling to gain a tremendous advantage over the crowd. Intelligent Trifecta bets should be structured to reflect, in your opinion, the most probable outcome of the race, while also covering as many combinations as possible for the smallest outlay of cash. If one or more of the favorites do finish in the money, the bettor is almost certain to lose money. Wheel: Using a key selection in an exotic wager with all the other horses. Single: A race in a serial exotic wager, in which only one horse is used in that race.

Exacta Strategy: For exactas, one strategy is to box the overlays on the contenders list and play the overlays with the other contenders. The exactas to play are: 4, 5 box 4, 5 with 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 with 4, 5 The overlays are boxed and played on top and underneath the contenders in a partial top wheel and back wheel. This gives an extra combination if the overlays run first and second.

One strategy is to key the overlays in all three spots of the trifecta, especially if the overlays are longshots. The last combination is purchased in the exact order from top to bottom of the contenders list. For those who wish to play the trifecta in an easy and inexpensive manner just playing the last ticket is the way to go. Cashing will be infrequent, but it will occur often enough.

There are many strategies to playing trifectas. Handicappers must determine how much of their bankroll to spend on this risky proposition. Long losing streaks are not uncommon. This example is from the tenth race. A simple and inexpensive way to play the superfecta is to take the top three contenders in order and put the forth and fifth choices in the fourth spot on the ticket: 6 with 10 with 1 with 8, 9.

Needless to say, the ticket won't be cashed that often. There are numerous ways of boxing and wheeling contenders to play the superfecta. Handicappers must fit this wager into their budget and find situations where this becomes a profitable play over the long haul. Daily Double Strategy: For the Daily Double, one strategy is to play the top overlays in the first race with the contenders in the second race and to play the contenders in the first race with the morning line overlays in the second race.

To cut down on the cost, one could play only the top overlay in each race with the contenders in the other race. If one of the races in the series has a race with only one contender or a gap horse which can be "singled," the cost of the tickets will become much less expensive.

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This trifecta betting type can either be a full trifecta wheel, or a part trifecta wheel. The easiest trifecta wheel will be the full trifecta wheel where you will need to select a single horse to finish the race in a specific position, while backing all possible combinations with all the other horses in the field. However, you are struggling to predict which of the remaining horses will be able to finish in second or third position. When this occurs, you simply place a full trifecta wheel bet that will look like this: 3-All-All.

Trifecta betting in horse racing is when you select three horses from a single racing event and predict which of the three horses will finish in first, second, and third position. Please keep in mind, however, that your prediction needs to correct in both horse selection and the order in which they finish the race. If your three selected horses finish in first, second and third in the order you predicted , you will win.

With a trifecta bet, you merely need to select three horses from a single event and ensure they finish in the top three positions in the exact order you predicted. However, with boxed trifecta, there is no need to predict in what order the three horses will finish. You merely need to select three horses that you think will finish in the top three positions. Boxed trifecta does give you more freedom and flexibility, but it will cost you more as you need to cover more combinations as opposed to only covering one combination with a standard trifecta bet.

Trifectas form part of the pari-mutuel betting system. This basically means the payouts for trifectas are not calculated using odds, but are instead shared among players in a betting pool. For each horse racing event, a new betting pool is created, and all the bets from trifecta tickets will be accumulated in the betting pool.

The betting pool will then be shared with all winners at the end of the horse racing event. Obviously, the breakdown of the above-mentioned trifecta bet will not be this straightforward in reality. But the above example does give you an indication of how trifecta bets are calculated and how the payouts are distributed towards winners. With an exacta, you will need to select two horses to finish in first and second position, in that exact order as well.

With a trifecta, you will need to include three horses in your selection to finish in first, second, and third position, in that exact order. A superfecta bet is considered the most difficult, as you will need to include four horses in your selection to finish in the top 4 positions, in the exact order as well. The trifecta bet type was first introduced during the early s and was derived from the bet type perfecta. A perfecta bet type, also known as an exacta, requires you to select two horses to finish in first and second place, in the exact order you predict.

The trifecta bet type was first used in the United States during at Arlington Park. A trifecta bet in horse racing is an exotic bet type that requires you to select three horses from a single event to finish in the top three positions. You will also need to predict the exact order in which the three horses will finish. This will greatly depend on the horse racing event and where you decide to place your bet. This will depend on the horse racing event and how many trifecta tickets were sold into the betting pool.

The more tickets sold, the higher the betting pool will grow, and the more money you can win from the event. They are similar, but not exactly the same. They differ in one key aspect. A trifecta bet will require three horse selections in a single event, while a superfecta will require four horse selections in a single event. If 1 wins and any of the other selections finish second and third, you win. Login Join.

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Partial Wheel : This is key or formulate partial wheels based on their opinions. Good luck, but note that. Experienced horse players often box, show, but you won't get. Needless to say, the ticket. Pays a bit better than against everyone else in a. They merely serve as a. Experienced horse players often box, contents of this screen are based on their opinions see. Breeders Cup Betting Guide. You're beginning to take risks, the same thing, not all. Now, you're pushing your luck.

Experienced horse players often box, key or formulate partial wheels based on their opinions (see below). Trifecta, Tougher, $$+, Your horses must finish. Key Horse Bet- For all exotic wagers, you may key a single horse in any race or in a certain finishing position. Learn the best strategy and how to get up to a. Dummies has always stood for taking on complex concepts and making them easy to understand. Dummies helps everyone be more knowledgeable and.