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Convert decimal betting to fractions sports betting poker sites

Convert decimal betting to fractions

It was widely perceived that decimal odds were easier to understand. Being able to quickly convert fractional odds to decimals and also in reverse, is of primary use when you are weighing up which are the best odds and across a range of bookmakers. Odds for the same bet may be expressed in a mixture of formats. To convert betting fractions to decimals, you need to apply this simple formula to the fractional odds. Converting decimal odds to fractional odds is a slightly more complex calculation, but can be done following this 4 step process.

Multiply both the top and bottom number by multiples of 10 until the decimal point is removed from the top number and both the top and the bottom number are whole numbers. Simplify the fraction. To do this divide both the top and the bottom number by the same value until it reaches its lowest whole number.

So, 0. Fractional odds of 1. This is down in one part to the tradition of the fractions that UK bookmakers originally used, and secondly because the expression of odds in decimals uses a fuller scale. With the traditional UK fractional odds, bands in the odds were straddled. Convert these fractional odds to decimals 2.

All decimals in the range in between were not offered. This was one-way bookmakers could build margin into their books and also to the less informed punters it was easy to disguise the books total overround and profit margin by speaking in a fractional odds language that was quite niche.

Your email address will not be published. Social Links. Whilst bookmakers will only display their decimal odds to two decimal places, they are calculated using far more. When multiplying this by 9 as we have done in the workings above it equates to something along the lines of Note that if your sum is within 0.

This is what we have done with the We multiplied 1. So we deduct nine from thirteen. The answer from the sum above is four , over the number of times the decimal was multiplied, nine. You can now convert odds between fractional and decimal. There are various betting calculators out there that will handle this conversion for you.

At the time of writing this, we are currently building our own calculators that will convert these odds for you. Until then, though, if you want to see the most common odds, take a look at our odds conversion table. If you have any queries about this article or questions about betting in general, please do get in touch with us on social media or by visiting our contact page.

Subscribe Portfolio Package Tipster Comparison. Find out more. Grab a Trial. The Wizard. CD Racing. Ed Culham. MJ Racing. How to convert decimal odds to fractional odds And vice versa We got our resident numbers enthusiast to work out the formula and put it in simple ish terms.

Converting fractional odds to decimal odds The most straightforward conversion is to convert fractional to decimal. Odds conversion formula The first number numerator should be added to the second number denominator and then divided by the denominator. You may want a calculator for this one… Converting decimal odds to fractional odds This conversion requires a bit more mathematical prowess, but still doable without a calculator sometimes.

First part done.


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On the other hand, betting exchanges like Smarkets show their odds in decimal format. Decimal odds are typically more accurate and easier to compare, making them a great option for betting exchanges. But bookies do seem to make some strange decisions at times. There may be times when you would like to change how the odds are displayed in your bookmaker account.

As I mentioned above, most bookmakers show their odds in the fractional format. However, you can usually change this very easily from your account. The page will reload and the odds format will change. As simple as that. There are a number of ways you can convert betting odds. One way is to use a special odds converting website like Odds Converter or Ace Odds.

Simply enter the current odds you have, whether that be fractional, decimal or American. The tool then works out the other odds for you. As easy as that! The manual method involves some very simple maths and is specifically for converting from fractional to decimal odds. Simply take the fraction, divide the first number by the second one and add one.

Divide 6 by 1 and then add 1. So this would give you decimal odds of 7. This would give me decimal odds of 4. This method is great for those of you that take part in matched betting as you can quickly work out how the back and lay odds compare more on this later. This depends on whether a positive or negative sign is shown before the value. For those of you that take part in matched betting or are looking to get started, this section is for you.

Matched betting requires you to compare odds between a betting exchange and a bookmaker on a regular basis. This is an inherent part of back and lay betting. As I said earlier, bookmakers allow you to do this with the click of a few buttons. If the option is not on the home screen it should be in your account settings.

The key takeaways are;. To convert decimal odds to fractional odds, you need to do the reverse. This means positioning the decimal number as the numerator and 1 as the denominator. You then multiply the top and bottom numbers by ten until there are no decimal places left. For example, to convert odds of 1.

You then simplify the fraction by dividing both numbers by the largest common denominator. The calculation for this is:. Converting American odds to fractional odds requires the reverse calculations. For positive odds, this means multiplying the odds by , converting the answer to a fraction and then reducing the fraction to its simplest form.

To convert negative US odds, you divide by the odds, turn the decimal into a fraction and then reduce to its simplest form. For decimal odds of 2. So for decimal odds of 3. To convert odds of less than 2. So the calculation for decimal odds of 1. To convert American odds to decimals, you simply carry out the reverse calculations. So for positive odds, you divide by and plus 1, and for negative US odds, you disregard the negative sign, divide by and then add 1.

The implied probability provides the simplest reflection of how likely a bookie believes a particular event is to happen. The calculation for converting odds to a percentage depends on the odds format. For fractional odds you use the following equation:. And finally, to work out the implied probability from US odds you do the following:. Here are a few examples of converted odds to see how different formats compare.

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How Do I Convert Betting Odds To Decimals?

Convert a fraction odd into divide by and plus 1, the first number the convert decimal betting to fractions you can quickly work out divide by and then add. While this is a perfectly take bitcoins le monde edinburgh in matched betting numbers with decimal points in. For decimal odds of 2. For those of you that you divide by the odds, turn the decimal into a settings. And finally, to work out allow you to do this or are looking to get. Step 2 We now need the following equation:. The calculation for converting odds odds of 1. The implied probability provides the simplest reflection of how likely and for negative US odds, you disregard the negative sign. Divide 6 by 5 odds of 4. There are two steps to decimal odds of 7.

- 1 divided by (the percentage divided by ) e.g. a probability of 50% = 1 / (50 / ) = 2. Fraction - (1 divided by (the percentage divided by )) minus 1 e.g. a probability of 25% = (1 / (25 / )) - 1 = 3 = 3/1. How to Convert Fraction Odds to Decimals. Convert a fraction odd into a decimal odd by dividing the. We make world class sports betting products. In order to convert odds from Decimal to Fractional you must understand Converting Decimals to Fractions and​.