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Sports betting historical database

Membership is free and you only need to enter a user name and password in the upper right to create an account. We use cookies to keep you logged in and you can logout using the Sign Out link in the upper right. Open Source Tools Ubuntu is the operating system and philosophy. NginX is the http server. The Python Programming Language is happily used throughout.

Free Access to Sports Data U s e the Sports Data Query Language SDQL to research databases made up mostly of historic box scores and including upcoming schedules and other user input data such as temperature, playing surface, coaches and betting lines. Write us at support SportsDatabase. The data packs store the odds and timestamps of the most popular odds lines. The larger the range of historical data, then better for analyzing sporting events. An important component. Currently, a weekly update is supported.

We also plan to make daily updates of packages. By default, data is provided in. As of January Sport: Soccer. Sport: Ice Hockey. Sport: Baseball. Sport: Basketball. Sport: Tennis. Sport: American Football. Sport: Esports. Sport: Rugby. Choose Sport: Soccer Esports Hockey. Soccer All-in-One. Leagues: 27 - Leagues.

Saved events: - Example: Download. Soccer Main odds lines. Soccer 1X2 odds lines. Odds lines: 1X2. Soccer 1X2-TG odds lines. Odds lines: 1X2, TG. Soccer 1X2-AH odds lines. Odds lines: 1X2, AH.


A crowd-sourced stats provider. About this site Sports box scores provide numerical information about a sporting event: SportsDatabase. A list of available parameters is give on each query page and you can see the temporal extent of each database using the SDQL: season. Once you have created an account you can enter and share other data fields such as city population and offensive coordinator. Members can also save and share trends and SDQL short cuts.

Membership is free and you only need to enter a user name and password in the upper right to create an account. We use cookies to keep you logged in and you can logout using the Sign Out link in the upper right. The reason these types of searches are made is because the teams in question should be practicing in different ways to correct their previous mistakes.

As well, it is a way to find information that perhaps the oddsmakers have overlooked. Again, thinking outside of the box is a powerful way to find an edge. For example, something like fatigue, which is not a quantifiable measurement, definitely plays a pivotal role in how players and teams perform. Thinking of ways to quantify it could make you money as a savvy gambler. Some states have legal sports betting and some do not. Check if your state has legal NBA betting!

The best way to use MLB databases for gambling is to start by focusing on something specific. Included in that breakdown is whether they are right or left-handed and how that factors in when they face a right vs left-handed batter. Even if you want to look at hitters and how they bat in different situations, it is always going to be valuable information to know what pitcher they are facing and how that hurler tends to perform in that scenario.

In addition to looking at pitchers and hitters, baseball also is unique to all other sports in regards to how much each ballpark effects the game. Since no two stadiums are the same, digging into how their differences affect the stats can be really valuable in betting. You want to start betting on MLB? Check if you can bet on MLB in your state. Hockey statistics, while fairly in-depth in their own right, are generally less complex than the other major sports, mainly because scoring is lower.

Most databases and most queries will deal with teams playing in any or a combination of these categories:. Pay close attention to any other recent changes of the coaching staff and impactful rookies who would otherwise not factor into the historical data of the teams.

Be sure to do the data analysis for these results on both moneyline and puckline results as this will factor into your conclusions in a big way. It takes time to learn how to understand and use sports databases. All it takes is some practice and a good understanding of what we covered in this guide. And remember, the different online databases all have FAQs explaining how their systems work. Youtube video tutorials are also a great resource for figuring things out. Once you become familiar with how these sites work, you can use the numbers, categories, and statistics as tools to help answer whatever questions you wish to ask.

By thinking outside the box you can work backwards, input all the pertinent data, and solve a question that can give you a statistical edge on your wagers. One thing you can be certain of, the more you dive into the world of sports and numbers , the better you will become at understanding the odds and picking winners.

How to Search Sports Stats Databases With lots of sports stats sites you can get super granular in your searches. Why Are they Called Handicapping Databases? How to Use Databases to Make Better Bets Databases and stats sites are really helpful as a general guide on betting odds and lines but their real power is unleashed when you get creative with your searches.

Examples include: Is your team home or away? Is the game at an outdoor stadium where weather can play a factor? If so what were the weather conditions? Which pitchers started? Who were the relievers and closers?

Most Popular Sports Betting Databases With the advent of the internet, a lot has changed in the world of sports betting databases. Offense Stats The offensive line is huge, and not just in stature. Here are some things to consider from a database perspective: Offense The ratio of pass protection vs run blocking.

Does this change at home or on the road? Does this change in indoor games vs outdoor games with inclement weather? Does the offensive coordinator have a history of being pass-first or run-first? Compare pass-attempts and rushing-attempts for all of his previous teams and current team. Consider focusing on the first-half of games as this is when most teams are trying to stick to their original game plan whereas teams will change and make adjustments at halftime depending on whether they are winning or losing.

Does the team historically rush or pass more against divisional rivals? How often will a coach gamble on 4th down and in what part of the field or what quarter of the game? Defense Stats How many times per game a team blitzes? Which player s do they normally send on blitzes? This is important if the opponent has an inexperienced tight end or running back trying to defend against it.

What down are they most likely to blitz? In what situations does the team most often blitz? How often does a team employ zone vs man-to-man defense? Which team has the most interceptions, strips, recovered fumbles, tackles for losses, kick blocks? How frequently do the outside linebackers play cover defense on running backs or receivers? How many points does the team give up in fare vs poor weather conditions? Are they better against the run or pass?

Special Teams Stats How often does the team send pressure on punts? How many times has a team had their own kicks blocked? How many average punt return yards to they gain or give up? What percentage of the time will the coach let his kicker try a long range field goal vs gamble on 4th down?

Is this impacted by weather conditions? This can be dissected into many forms such as via three-point shots, points in the paint, getting to the foul line. How well do they spread the ball? Look at team assists. How well do they rebound? Compare offensive vs defensive rebounding. Which teams get the most second or third opportunity points from offensive rebounding. How many minutes do the starters get? How many shots do they take? Does the coach like to bring in a 6th man to play with the starters before utilizing the rest of the bench or does he have a full rotation of secondary players who prefer to play as their own 5-man unit.

Does the team shoot many 3 pointers?

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Sport: Soccer. Sport: Ice Hockey. Sport: Baseball. Sport: Basketball. Sport: Tennis. Sport: American Football. Sport: Esports. Sport: Rugby. Choose Sport: Soccer Esports Hockey. Soccer All-in-One. Leagues: 27 - Leagues. Saved events: - Example: Download. Soccer Main odds lines. Soccer 1X2 odds lines. Odds lines: 1X2. Soccer 1X2-TG odds lines. Odds lines: 1X2, TG. Soccer 1X2-AH odds lines. Odds lines: 1X2, AH.

Soccer Union 1X2 odds lines. Soccer Union Main odds lines. Leagues: 19 - Leagues. Seasons: - Hockey 1X2. Leagues: 1 - Leagues. Saved events: 10 - We offer two main products on our site. The second product we offer is our Daily Fantasy Sports Databases , which contain statistics for each player of a sport throughout multiple seasons, specifically focusing on key drivers for performance on DFS sites like DraftKings and FanDuel.

Generally speaking, here at Odds Warehouse we believe sports betting should be treated as a financial investment. As with any other financial investment, proper research leads to greater control over your money, and greater profitability over time. These statistical databases will allow you to uncover the infinite number of trends and opportunities that are present in sports betting today.

There is a never-ending supply of people who think they know enough about sports to make their own picks and beat the book. Sportsbooks and DFS professionals thrive on people like this because they know that in the long run, these bettors and players never win. Once you take a look at the historical trends, you will develop betting systems that will yield you positive cash flow for the rest of your life. Other sites are currently charging hundreds of dollars for historical betting data.

For a fraction of the cost, you can instantly download our stats in a csv file format, allowing you to analyze the data in Microsoft Excel, Access, SQL Server, or any other data analysis program. This is a one-time purchase which grants you access to download our historical odds databases for seven days after the initial purchase. We strive to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information, and have gone through great due diligence to make sure our databases are error-free.

However, please realize that databases of this magnitude can contain small errors or discrepancies that are difficult to find. Click the link below to download a free sample database that will allow you to view the columns provided within each dataset. After your payment is complete, you will be directed to a download page where you can instantly obtain the product that you purchased.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form. Our Products. Click for MLB Odds. Click for NBA Odds. Click for NFL Odds.

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Jersey 2 Challenger Men. Saved events: - Example: Download. Gwangju Challenger Men Doubles. Reggio Emilia Challenger Men. Bangkok 4 Challenger Men. Kyoto Challenger Men Doubles. Exhibition Securitas Pro Cup Men. Shymkent 2 Challenger Men Doubles. Exhibition Boodles Challenge - Doubles. Bastad Challenger Men Doubles.

The database includes the opening and closing lines for both the spread (or moneyline for MLB and NHL) and the over/under. It also includes the date, NSS number, final scores, as well as Sports Insights' proprietary betting percentages. To see a sample of the format, or to download the database, please go to this link. Sports Databases Overview. Interest in historical data and odds archives continues to grow as sports handicappers and historians look to the past to try to help. A database that includes every game score in the history of the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and NCAA basketball and football. You'll also find similar databases.